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See our new garden displays at the Cottage Life Show and the Green Living Show.

Buying your Herbs & Veggies from the grocer? …why not grow them fresh in your own garden!

Sustainability seems to be a long lost art. It's not that hard to do! With the right garden, soil mix and planting you're on your way to having a great garden! Your gardens will be attractive, easy to plant in, environmentally friendly, space saving and low maintenance. Ready when you are! Let's get growing!!!!

  • Environmentally Friendly Space Saving Gardens
  • Back yard and/or Front yard Gardens
  • Deck or Balcony Gardens & Planters
  • Commercial Herb Gardens for Restaurants and Hotels
  • Cottage Gardens
  • Raised Beds
  • Community Gardens
  • Corporate Staff Gardens
  • Gardens as a Gift

Here are a few reasons why people want to grow their own garden

  • It's fun
  • Healthy eating and healthy lifestyle
  • It can’t get any fresher…growing your own veggies and herbs
  • You can even eat it all year round if you “freeze” or “can” your veggies
  • You can share it with your family, neighbours and friends
  • Your kids will love to help you with your garden
  • Feeling of self-satisfaction with your results
  • And the best reason of all….you know where your food is coming from!

It’s time to make a change, eat healthy by growing your own garden!

Green Gourmet Gardens provided the garden on Marilyn's show - check it out!

Green Gourmet Gardens featured in Good Life magazine (page 56)

Less weeding, more plants per square foot, space saving, looks great…


Simple do it yourself kits and customized designs…


We can have your Garden delivered and assembled locally or shipped within 10 days.


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